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Children in our disadvantaged communities need our help and support
So we provide our programs to disadvantaged schools* in outreach when we are able. However our efforts are restricted by our limited resources.

* 55% + Free and Reduced Lunches / API below 50% -- If your school meets these conditions and would like our program at your school, contact us. Please note: we're unable to accommodate scheduling with outreach. If your school doesn't meet these conditions, please check our funding page for teacher grants and other funding ideas.

Together We Can Make a Difference
Join us and help us make a difference for budget strapped schools-- please sponsor Living History
or Arts for All Workshop for a class, grade or school in your community. Needy schools and their students will benefit from your generosity. Contact us for more information.

“The Living History Program is a valuable tool for classroom students to have access to examples of historical people.  Seeing and hearing a famous person speak is so much more memorable than reading the same information from a book. 

The Living History Program provides students this unique experience.  This approach is especially good for second language learners because of the kids ability to learn the same material by listening and hearing speakers talk.”

G. L. MVWSD 3rd Grade

1st - 2nd grade Language Arts Program

"Belated thanks for giving my students an opportunity to experience the APC Living History Outreach presentation with Beatrix Potter.  It was very well received by my students.  They were engaged and
it definitely supported our language arts curriculum for 2nd grade.  

At the time of the presentation, my students were working on parts of speech and sentence structure
as they were working towards mastery standards in written and oral conventions standards.  So, the
presentation was timely as students had been working on these very same skills in the classroom and
the presentation helped in reinforcing them.

It especially supported my English language learners, as well students who are more kinesthetic learners and gave them a different approach to practicing these skills.  The presenter did a very good job of keeping the children engaged and kept the pacing and length appropriate for second grade children.

In addition to the direct tie-in to our written and oral conventions standards, it also gave students exposure to another children's author and her work.  Several of my students had prior experience with this author's work, so it was exciting for them to recognize the characters and book titles that they were already familiar with. Finally, I can refer back to this presentation in social science when students will learn about daily life for people in the past, and biographies of famous people in history.

Thank you again for providing this much needed program to my class.  As the funding crisis in education continues, it is more important than ever that programs such as APC Living History Outreach can continue to be offered to schools.  I hope that sponsors will support these programs as they really enrich the learning experiences for our children on many levels. " Back

Sincerely, A. M., MVWSD 2nd grade

“What a wonderful treat it was to have your company come to enrich my students’ learning! As you know, I teach in a low-income school with students who come from diverse backgrounds. I cannot begin to express the impact that FDR had on my students. Let me attempt to illustrate with one profound example: I have a little boy in my class who has some serious behavioral and psychological issues because of the troubled life he has led. He does not often communicate with words and is very timid.

The day that FDR came to the classroom, however, I saw a great transformation in him. When FDR asked my students questions about their lives, the aforementioned student raised his hand, stood up and answered the question in front of FDR, myself, and all of his peers. This may not seem like much, but for this student it was huge! Here was a child with severe behavioral challenges who always appeared disinterested in learning, engaging in conversation with a total stranger. Having history “come to life” the way it did with FDR was so exciting for my students. Thank you so much for allowing FDR to visit us! What you brought to my children was truly life-changing! “ Back

J. H. RSD 4th grade

" Kudos to you and your actors. They made a very positive impression on my students. So much so, that after discussing the presentations, they asked why they couldn't do something similar themselves and do their own presentations in Social Studies. At the time, they thought that developing a character would be more fun and easier than reading a text book and taking a test. Two weeks later they are realizing that researching a character and preparing a presentation IS more fun, but definitely NOT easier.

I think this has been a great opportunity for my fifth grade students to see the power of Theater Arts in learning social studies. "

Cheers, R.P. MVWSD 5th grade

"After seeing the Albert Einstein presentation, all the students were asked to write a letter, telling Einstein what they most enjoyed about his talk. After I collected the letters, Skyler came up to me to ask, if he could take some black-lined papers home because he wanted to take his time to write a second letter to Albert Einstein, carefully expressing his appreciation. I could easily see that Skyler was very impressed by this performance and wanted to learn more about Einstein. He was very impressed by the actor's ability to portray a person, who was no longer living. I'm not quite sure, but I think Skyler may be inspired to try his hand at "acting" some day, which is great because Skyler's main interest during this year was mainly playing video games!

These are the kinds of lessons that teachers strive to have for their students. It is the icing on the cake, when they see that students become "hooked" on wanting to learn more about themselves and the world.


Just a FYI about Skyler's letter to Albert Einstein: it was his request to go home to write another letter to Albert Einstein because he wanted to be able to make sure his feelings were expressed correctly and he wanted to use his best handwriting because he knew the letter was going to read by someone who attended college!

As I've already told you, the letters from my students reflect how they really felt about seeing the presentation. They felt as if they were really listening and talking to Albert Einstein and they felt an instant connection to Einstein, the scientist (a real living person).

Before my students did the actual letter writing, I had them think about the presentation and tell me some words that they would use to describe what they saw. After writing their words on the board, I asked them to do their own composing. That is why the vocabulary in the letters sound repetitious,but the feelings in the letters are genuinely their own.

Your actor did an outstanding job in his portrayal as the personality of Albert Einstein. He was engaging and interesting, and he came across as very "human." Please thank him for us. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation!


Just a quick note to let you know how effective Einstein's letter to my class was. I watched their faces, as I read his letter to them, and they were spellbound.

When I mentioned specific student's names in Einstein's responses, they had the biggest smile on their faces. I'm sure that this experience will inspire them to write more letters to people to whom they feel a connection. I realized that this was an important letter for them to share with their families, so I made copies of the letter for each student. The students are eager to share their communication from A. Einstein with their families!

I'm so impressed with the actor's ability to create a "living" connection with my students. It was wonderful that he added such personal comments about his background, his education, his mentors, and his excitement for his life's interests. I wish I could do as well to inspire my kids about the entire third-grade curriculum!

Please forward this email to your actor, with our deepest appreciation for the time and the energy that he took to make the living history experience a memorable one."

Sincerely, J. M. MVWSD 3rd grade

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